Why I Went Back To Work Full-Time

Peace of mind over popular opinion...

So of course there was a lot of hesitation. What will going back to work full-time mean for my writing and entrepreneurial dreams? Will I be too exhausted when I come home from work to do anything? Will it take me longer to get where I want to go?

I’ve been back working a full-time job since August 2019 and guess what? I wouldn’t change it for the world. I had made a decision that if God was leading me back into the corporate world that the job/company would have to fulfill the following requirements:

1) Make me feel like family

2) Take great care of their employees

3) Teach me a new skill set

And I found all of that in my job working for a prominent credit union here in Philadelphia. But why did I really go back to work full-time?

There’s nothing more sad than seeing an entrepreneur struggle just because they don’t want to go back to work. Society has made us feel like the regular grind of a 9-5 is a curse, yet who wants to be broke?

I went back to work to help my creativity stay afloat, to have a peace of mind while paying bills and to fund my dreams. It’s hard to write and be creative when the phone is ringing from bill collectors or you have to keep checking outside to see if your car is still there. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it’s hard.

I’ve slept on couches, air mattresses, crashed on a friends couch and been uncomfortable in so many situations for “the dream”. Am I still pursuing it? Absolutely. But there’s a way to pursue your dream without being homeless or getting all your assets taken.

I think a lot of creatives get so inspired by the Tyler Perry’s, Taraji P. Henson’s and Steve Harvey’s (who all have had homeless stories or stories where they struggled immensely before walking in their destiny) that they forget to use common sense.

I’m not saying the road you’re looking for should be easy, but it most certainly doesn’t mean you have to be broke and suffer, having your family and friends worried about you for the sake of saying “you gave it your all”.

I take nothing from anyone who has been through these things and I myself am inspired, but I believe that if God hadn’t created that path for those celebrities or entrepreneurs we know and love, then they wouldn’t have had to take that path.

Everyone’s story is unique and we don’t need to chase their blueprint just to say, “Look at my rags to riches story!”

I actually had someone say to me “You haven’t made it until you’ve had a homeless story.” I was thinking, “What in the world?” We have to use wisdom.

Struggle will come and things won’t always be easy, but you can make things easier on yourself by placing wisdom and God’s plans over society’s pressures.

So if you feel led to go back to work, don’t feel bad. Going back to work isn’t a “Plan B” that you’re falling back on. It can very well help Plan A move further along and keep you in the game.

Follow God’s lead and not your own or the voices in society that aren’t paying your bills. I’m learning so much about finances and credit that I believe all the things I’m learning at my job will help me in my business and with my dream.

Have you ever had to make the hard decision to return to work after taking a leap of faith into full-time entrepreneurship? How did you maneuver through that season and what advice would you give to someone else? Comment below.

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